Methods that organizations can use in order to minimize the impact on personnel after a disaster



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Steps an organization should take to recover from a disaster and resume the business operations to normal mode

In the Information Technology world, disaster Recovery is one among the watchwords of a business. The plan steps that are well-constructed and implemented will be able to help the organizations to be able to minimize the effects that disasters come with and thus resume their mission-critical function as quickly as possible. The Disaster Recovery Plans involve an extensive and deep analysis of the business processes that take place in an organization; the IT infrastructure that is present in the organization, data backup, the resources, the continuity requirements and the disaster prevention methods. The priority of the business organization in the development of Disaster Recovery plans for the organization is creating the Disaster Recovery Templates (Young, 2016).

It is important as an organization to ensure that you have been able to prequalify an emergency restoration and Reconstruction Company before a disaster has occurred. It is important to patner with a vendor before the occurrence for the purposes of saving the building and recovering more quickly. It is very important to ensure that the employees are well trained on how to go about with an emergency or in cases of a disaster. They can be use to serve safety team leaders within the company.

Methods that organizations can use in order to mitigate the risk of data loss

They can do the following that is by providing a regular back up. The data of any organization contains very vital and sensitive information concerning the clients, orders, contracts and information about the employees. This means a data backup is very important and thus should be a priority. Having an Email Security/ Anti-Virus. This was improvised as a result of the iCloud hacking and it is still being used up to date due to the rise of risks of hacking , virus spam and phishing of businesses. It is important for the business to ensure that they have been able to get powerful antivirus software and email security for them to be able to prevent malignant emails from getting through (Freedy & Hobfoll, 2017).

Methods that organizations can use in order to minimize the impact on personnel after a disaster

It is important for the organization to ensure that they have been able to create a Crisis Communication Plan that will help them to be able to provide the employees and the customers with the updates and critical information. The organization should ensure that all the employees and workers in the organization to ensure that their medication and injuries in the occurrence of a disaster they are all catered for. This will make the employees to have a sense of belonging and job security since they know that in case of anything that might happen to the company they are secured and anything will be catered for.

The best and universal method in the organization that it can use to minimize the impact on personnel after a disaster is by the organization ensuring that they are able to reach out to the affected employees by the disaster and know how they are fairing on for them to feel that they are part of the organization and get an understanding that their presence is very important to the organization as a whole. Valuing the employees is one of the greatest things that any organization can do for the purposes of getting back good returns from them.

Equifax situation, factors that contributed to a successful disaster recovery and the factors that hindered a successful disaster recovery for the organization

The response to an incident that might take place in the company should be planned and prepared adequately prior the occurrence of the actual incident. An attempt by the company to formulate a plan during an incident is inviting a disaster. Most of the people who were affected by the breach were not actually the Equifax customers. Much of the information that had been obtained by credit bureau was through business dealings with other organizations. Equifax has access to personal data that originated elsewhere and this makes it difficult for individuals to really get an understanding how far their digital footprint extends. Supply chain security is very important since one is able to know who has had access to their data and this can make it easy to help with mitigation and recovery in the cases of a breach (Khan, 2018). The nature of the information that was breached in the Equifax breach is almost impossible for it to be changed since it includes dates of birth, names, addresses and the social security numbers.

One of the most aspects of concern of the Equifax breach was the lack of transparency and the information that was provided in the aftermath. Equifax was not able to offer any clear and distinct guidance on how the individuals who had been affected could be able to place a credit freeze or any information and explanation around the potential dangers that would come as a result of identity theft (Edwards, 2018). There is also the lack of patching and generally the lack of security hygiene. However this challenge is similar to nearly all organizations which have a connected system. One of the biggest dangers present in the Equifax is that the user details that have been breached will be rapidly circulated among the criminals indefinitely.


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